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Peach State Emergency Vehicles, Alabama Emergency Vehicles and South Carolina Fire Apparatus are proud to be your authorized servicing dealerships for Spartan Emergency Vehicles. As a division of Peach State Truck Centers, one of the largest commercial truck centers in the United States, we are committed to providing world class customer service with "First Priority" for our nations "First Responders" throughout Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. 

Looking for a new piece of fire apparatus but don't have time to wait. Let us tell you about our S-180 program
coupled with one of our buying cooperatives. We guarantee you will save time and money and the
headaches oftentimes associated with the procurement process.
It's really that easy!


"First Priority" for "First Responders"

When it's time to purchase a new piece of emergency response apparatus you'll find yourself flooded with brochures and visits from vendors. However, everyone knows its the service after the sale that keeps your apparatus on the front line. 

We have all heard the term "Sole Source" in terms of manufacturing and responsibility. So what does that really mean? The term sole source, in simple terms, means that you place a "single call to a single organization" and your needs are fulfilled without having to coordinate multiple events or make multiple phone calls before something happens.  

At Peach State Emergency Vehicles we truely offer concierge service by giving "first priority" to "first responders". One call is all it takes and we will do the rest. Whether you are in need of body repairs, pump overhauls, maintenance or major driveline service we have got you covered.


If you are searching for a new piece of equipment and prefer a unit that is built on a commercial chassis. Peach State Emergency Vehicles has got you covered. Whether you are in need of a chassis or a complete apparatus we are here to help. We have a huge inventory of Freightliner, Ford, Western Star and Mitsubishi Fuso chassis in stock and will gladly custom order a chassis to meet your requirements.


The Spartan legacy of chassis expertise means your apparatus is built from the ground up on a foundation ready to handle your specific response equipment and route needs. We work with you to strategically configure your truck’s specs into a design that represents the best possible mix of safety, speed, agility, ergonomics, and serviceability. And we don’t stop once the truck is delivered. For over thirty years, Spartan has remained staunchly committed to training service technicians across the country on how to quickly and efficiently service and maintain rigs to last, so firefighters can reliably keep fighting the good fight.